Distribution of Quran

On the first Friday of march in every year, Quranday.org hold open houses, also inviting local Muslim and non-Muslim friend to attend an participate in Quran Day activities. Next year on Quran Day (First Friday of March) we are planning to distribute 10,000 Quran all over the country. We encourage Muslims around the globe to observe Quran Day and distribute the book of Allah to non-Muslim neighbors. .

Other Activities

The following activities have been recommended for Quran Day:

  • The greatness of the Noble Quran should be discussed in Friday Sermons.
  • Open houses geared towards the local public.
  • Quran conferences and seminars focused on its meaning and the messages within.
  • Quranic Calligraphy in the form of pictures and paintings be displayed.
  • Competitions of the recitation of the Noble Quran, along with contests on articles regarding the Quran and its Message.
  • An in-depth discussion on the scientific proofs and the miracles of the Noble Quran. 
  • Book stands ranging from Quran translations to Tafseer, along with different books about the Quran.
  • T-Shirts, wristbands, stickers, key chains, and other souvenirs containing the message of the Quran.
  • Free translations of the Quran available for distribution.

A public awareness campaign be held in the form of billboard advertisements, TV commercials, and radio ads.